Reverend Frederick D. Ragston

Reverend Frederick D. Ragston was born March 19, 1963 in Hempstead, Texas. He is the oldest of five children birth to Earline and James Ragston. After graduating from Hempstead High School in 1981, Reverend Ragston enlisted in the United States Army. From 1982 through 1994 Reverend Ragston served as a military correctional officer. Upon receiving an honorable discharge Reverend Fred Ragston moved back home to Hempstead, Texas. During this time of self -examination, the Reverend began the search for salvation. Although, he did not know the Lord for himself he knew he needed to be baptized. Unknowing of Jesus or the Holy Spirit Reverend Ragston began attending Greater St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church in the summer of 1996. In August of 1996 Reverend Fred Ragston found salvation and gave himself to the Lord. As God would have it Reverend Ragston met his wife, Abigail, in February of 1997. The two wed in April of 1997 (A GOD THANG) and have been happily married for over twenty years. Reverend Ragston confessed as a teacher of the word of God and to the ministry September of 1997. He was assigned the youth Pastor in 1999 and ordained the Chief Administrator of Greater St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church in 2003. Reverend Ragston was assigned Assistant Pastor of the church in 2010. He serves the church in that capacity year to date.