Greater St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church

Greater St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist church was organized in 1900 with nine members. The first Pastor was Reverend Sykes. There was three deacons: Audy Byars, Ben Swan, and Israel Lilly. The next year the church was moved to the corner lot of 16th and Washington street. During the following eight years there would be three Pastors: Reverend J.R. Lawson, Reverend Ben Wade, and Reverend E.H. Branch. In 1909, Reverend E.L. Lockett was called to the church and the present site was purchased. The membership steadily grew. Several years later Reverend Lockett was called to Pastor a church in Ennis, Texas. In 1916, Reverend J.E. Jackson was called and served as Pastor until his untimely death in 1918. Reverend B. L. Peoples became Pastor and served for a short time. Services was held once a month for the evening and night.

Reverend Holmes served as Pastor shortly after Reverend P.H. Hinton was called in 1920. Under Reverend Hinton’s leadership the 11:00 am service for two Sundays a month was implemented. The church¬† grew numerically, spiritually, financially, and entertained the Lincoln Association. In the fall of 1922, Reverend Hinton was called to Pastor a church in Hearne, Texas. The following Pastors served Greater St. Peter’s between 1922 and 1926: E.A. Evans, Adams, and Carter. In June 1926 the church was destroyed in a fire started by lightening. Afterwards, Reverend H.D. Cummings was called to Pastor. Pastor Cummings raised money to build a new church. Services were held in a tabernacle until the new church was completed.

Between 1929 and 1944 there were six Pastors: Lemons, Waters, Wiley Johnson, R.E. Chance, W. M. West, and Thomas. Reverend A.W. Johnson was called to the church in the fall of 1945. The church was rebuilt in 1946 under Reverend Johnson’s pastoral leadership. However, Reverend Johnson resigned in the latter part of 1957. During the early part of 1958, Reverend R.L. Castle III was called to lead the church. Under Reverend Castle’s leadership a building fund was created to build a new sanctuary. A few months later Reverend Castle took a Pastoral position at Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

The first full time Pastor was Reverend F. E. Taylor, who took the postion in June 1958. The church began holding services every Sunday. Under Reverend Taylor’s leadership the church grew in all areas. Reverend Taylor passed away in November 1960. Reverend L.V. Harvey accepted the call to pastor the church January 20, 1961. After resigning February 20, 1966 Reverend Harvey answered the call to minister at Main Street Baptist Church in Brenham, Texas. Reverend R.D. Kelly served as Pastor from April 1966-1967. During his reign, construction¬† of the new church began in July of 1966 and was completed the following March of 1967. Dedication services were held upon opening the doors to the new church. Due to a heart attack, Reverend Kelly resigned in the latter part of 1967.

Reverend Wooten was called to Pastor Greater St. Peter’s in the fall of 1967. He served in this capacity until 1972. After his departure, Reverend A.D. Walker was called and accepted as the Pastor of Greater St. Peter’s April 11, 1972. Reverend Walker served as Pastor until May of 1993 (a span of twenty-one years). From 1909 through 1967 Greater St. Peter’s had twenty-three pastors and twenty-seven deacons. There were six clerks and four superintendents who served the church between 1916 through 1967.

Reverend Fred Thomas III is the current Pastor of Greater St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church. He was called on September 22, 1993. Installation services were held November 5, 1993. Under Pastor Fred Thomas there has been many improvements to Greater St. Peter’s. An early morning service, children’s church, and equipment purchased are just a few of the changes Pastor Thomas has made. We are grateful to God for the blessings and sustaining this church for over 100 years. Greater St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church is tangible evidence of Matthew 5:10, “I build this house upon a rock and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”